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Labor joins government to vote down work/life balance

Labor joins government to vote down work/life balance

Labor Senators joined with the government and members of the crossbench to vote down the Greens’ moves to give people greater control of their work/life balance and greater security for casual workers, particularly those in tertiary education. The amendments were moved in the Senate by Victorian Greens Senator Janet Rice to the Fair Work Amendment Bill 2014.

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Woolworths Laverton dispute shows we need to change Fair Work laws: Bandt

Greens industrial relations spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today supported the Woolworths Laverton workers taking action and said this dispute adds further weight for the government to amend the Fair Work Act.

“In an economy where the unemployment rate is high and people are facing an uncertain future for their jobs, I can understand the stress and anxiety these workers are feeling,” Mr Bandt said.

“They and their families are depending on secure work for their livelihoods and it’s no wonder they are taking action to stand up for their jobs.”

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Greens support union call for new laws on family friendly work hours

Greens Deputy Leader and Employment and Workplace Relations Spokesperson Adam Bandt today supported unions’ push for family friendly work conditions and called for Parliament to take action.

“Rigid hours make it impossible for people to get control over balancing work and home, especially when they have a new child.”

“All employees should have more control over their working hours and arrangements.”

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Qantas decision reinforces need for law change: Bandt

Fair Work Australia's rejection of job security protections sought by Qantas employees exposes a loophole in the Fair Work Act that should be closed, said Greens Deputy Leader and workplace relations spokesperson, Adam Bandt.

"Powerful employers will see this as a green light to bypass negotiations with their employees and instead take extreme action like lockouts, closing schools or grounding fleets, knowing they will be rewarded with a fast-track to a favourable resolution in Fair Work Australia."

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