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Government targeting innocent dentists: Greens

Richard Di Natale 7 Oct 2011

Greens’ spokesperson for health, Richard Di Natale, has urged the government to stop targeting innocent dentists who have provided important services through the Chronic Disease Dental Scheme.

Senator Di Natale said that the reports of rorting are being beaten up and innocent dentists are being tarred with the same brush.

“It’s clear that a small number of dentists have behaved unethically and deserve to be penalised for their actions.”

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New research backs up Greens dental policy

Greens’ spokesperson for health, Senator Richard Di Natale, said that new research backs up the Greens policy on dental care.

The new research from the Ipsos Social Research Institute claims that almost 2 million people who needed to get dental care in the past two years were unable to do so because they couldn’t afford it.

“This latest research highlights the need for the Greens policy of publicly funded ‘Denticare’ in Australia,” said Senator Di Natale.

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New body to advise on dental health

Minister for Health and Ageing, Nicola Roxon, and Greens Health Spokesperson, Senator for Victoria, Richard Di Natale, today announced the establishment of the National Advisory Council on Dental Health as part of the agreement between the Gillard Government and the Australian Greens.

Headed by former senior public servant Ms Mary Murnane, the council will provide expert advice on dental health issues.

Ms Roxon said the council will look at the current mix and coverage of dental services in order to provide advice on future needs and priorities for future reform.

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First dental steps promising – Greens

Rachel Siewert 10 May 2011

The Australian Greens say the first steps have been taken towards a national dental care scheme, with the Government making an initial commitment in tonight’s budget.

“This $53 million down payment on national dental care is a promising start to what will be a significant change to Australia’s health care system,” Australian Greens health spokesperson Senator Rachel Siewert said tonight.

“This $53 million investment will benefit low income earners in the public health system.

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Old economy wins while new economy loses

Bob Brown 10 May 2011

Public mental health and private mineral wealth are the big winners out of this year's budget, Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.

"The Greens are celebrating the $1.5 billion boost to mental health funding, although we are shocked to discover that almost $0.5 billion is outside the forward estimates. There is a bias in the overall budget to the influential mining barons who are unelected and send massive profits overseas. While the mining corporations gain, programs for Australians, including the environment have been cut by billions," Senator Brown said.

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Denticare's first steps must be included in budget: Greens

Rachel Siewert 7 May 2011

The Australian Greens continue to push for action on dental care to be included in Tuesday's budget.

"We need to see some action from the Government as a down-payment on their committment to improve Australia's dental health," Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens health spokesperson said today.

"This was a key part of our post-election agreement with the ALP," said Senator Siewert.

"Improved national dental care has the capacity to dramatically improve the health of millions of Australians, and we've been working hard towards that outcome.

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