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Irons wedding scandal shows Coalition/Labor have left door open for continued public purse rip-offs

Lee Rhiannon 27 Sep 2016

The latest MP travel expenses scandal involving WA Liberal MP Steve Irons is proof that MPs can still easily exploit the public purse for personal gain as the Coalition and Labor parties have failed to tighten up the rules, Greens democracy spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said. 

“Claiming money to go to one’s own wedding is a new low for the Australian parliament. No one could dredge up an excuse to try and wriggle out of this one,” Senator Rhiannon said.

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Macfarlane’s new job at Queensland Resources Council is revolving door in action

Lee Rhiannon 26 Sep 2016

Greens democracy spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon and Greens mining and resources spokesperson Senator Larissa Waters have commented on Ian Macfarlane’s appointment to the Queensland Resources Council. 

Senator Lee Rhiannon said, “The revolving door between the political class and the mining and resources sector causes deep cynicism about MPs and democratic institutions.

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Dastyari travel bill declaration – more evidence of questionable relationship between donors and politicians

Lee Rhiannon 30 Aug 2016

Greens spokesperson for democracy Senator Lee Rhiannon has commented on reports that Senator Sam Dastyari’s Register of Interests reveals that a private education provider donated money to cover costs when the Senator exceeded his publicly funded travel allowance. 

“For an overseas donor like Top Education Institute, a private education provider based in Sydney, to be giving money to a Senator to cover his travel costs is questionable behaviour. 

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Roadblocks to voting in the federal election

Lee Rhiannon 27 Jul 2016

Senator Lee Rhiannon has responded to reports that a man was unable to vote in the federal election because there was no stationary polling booth at the hospital he was staying at. 

"It is not good enough to have a mobile polling booth for people in hospital that only does single visits as it means patients have a narrow opportunity to vote.

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Obeid criminal conviction – pressure on Turnbull/Shorten to back National Anti-Corruption Commission

Lee Rhiannon 29 Jun 2016

The Greens are calling on the Prime Minister and the opposition leader to back the formation of a National Anti-Corruption Commission in the wake of the Obeid criminal conviction and the resulting vindication of the role of the NSW ICAC.

Greens Grayndler candidate Jim Casey and Greens democracy spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon are working closely together on the Greens campaign for a national ICAC.

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Greens call out Turnbull/Shorten hypocrisy over political donation deluge

Lee Rhiannon 14 Jun 2016

The Greens have stepped up their call for political donation reform as the Prime Minister and leader of the opposition go into overdrive with their multi-million corporate fund raising events that will bring in millions of dollars. 

“Right now Mr Turnbull and Mr Shorten are hustling for big corporate donations, a process of chasing private money that has a corrupting influence on our democracy,” Greens democracy spokesperson Senator Rhiannon said. 

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Four Corners to report on Greens political donations work

Lee Rhiannon 23 May 2016

Tonight’s Four Corners “Money and Influence” program will include a report on the Greens’ investigations into political donations. 

Senator Lee Rhiannon’s office has commenced research into discrepancies in political donations as part of their Democracy for Sale project. The study reveals that about $8 million made in payments from donors to the major political parties were declared as donations by those donors, but the Liberal, National and Labor parties who received the payments did not declare them as donations. 

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Enrol to vote and roll discrepancy

Lee Rhiannon 20 May 2016

According to the AEC, on 30 September 2015 the NSW state roll contained 146, 000 more people than the Commonwealth roll for NSW and there were approximately 272, 000 people who appeared on both the state and Commonwealth rolls for NSW but whose enrolments differed or diverged in some way. This is due to the differences in the ways that the NSW Electoral Commission and the Australian Electoral Commission add people to their respective rolls. Some electors are also only eligible to vote in Federal elections. 

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Time to clean up politics

The Australian Greens are today calling on the Labor, Liberal and National parties to work with them to clean up politics. 

“Today I’m calling on Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten to commit to not accepting donations from fossil fuel companies during this election campaign,” said Australian Greens Leader, Dr Richard Di Natale.

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