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Parliament must debate any military engagement in Iraq - Greens

With reports coming out of the United States of possible Australian military involvement in Iraq and Syria, Greens Leader Christine Milne says it is essential that any decision to deploy our military is brought to the parliament.

"It is essential that PM Abbott commits immediately to bring any debate about the deployment of Australian military to the parliament for debate," Greens Leader Christine Milne said.

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What is a 'Fifth Generation Fighter' and does the JSF qualify as one?

Department of Defence

Budget Estimates Hearing – 2 & 3 June 2014

Question on Notice No. 26 - Joint Strike Fighter – 4th / 5th Generation Comparison

Senator Ludlam asked on 2 June 2014, Hansard page 112:


Senator LUDLAM: I do not expect you to have this information at the table, but could you take on notice for us—whoever feels most qualified to provide it—the various criteria by which jets are judged to be either fourth or fifth generation? In addition, can you tell us which of those criteria the JSF meets and which it does not?

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