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Government must heed scientists, dismiss Garnaut’s defeatism

The Rudd Government must listen to the science and the Australian community and refuse to buy into Professor Garnaut's climate change defeatism, Australian Greens Senator Christine Milne said today.

Senator Milne said "Professor Garnaut might have thrown in the towel, the Rudd Government may be willing to raise the white flag, but the Greens will not give up hope that the world can still come together to deliver a safe climate to our children.

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Garnaut's weak targets recipe for catastrophic climate change – Greens

Rudd must lead globe towards strict targets

The weak targets advocated in the supplementary report from the Garnaut review released today are based on outdated science, risk catastrophic climate change and will undermine global negotiations towards an effective climate treaty, Australian Greens Senators Bob Brown and Christine Milne said today.

"Professor Garnaut concluded that it 'is worth paying less than 1% of GNP as a premium for the 450[ppm] strategy'. Surely, then, this should be our starting point, not our ultimate goal," Senator Brown said.

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Concentrating the mind on emissions targets

This piece by Christine ran in Crikey's email today.

Late in August, while the Business Council of Australia was making its ambit claim to limit Australia's emissions reductions to no more than 10% cuts by 2020, the famous North-west Passage around the north of Canada opened.

A few days later, just as Martin Ferguson was circulating his "softened" emissions trading proposal to big polluters, the North-east passage, around Russia, also opened.

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Still Waiting for Garnaut

Professor Garnaut must tomorrow recommend stringent 2020 greenhouse gas reductions targets to avoid catastrophic climate change, Australian Greens climate change spokesperson, Senator Christine Milne, said today.

Senator Milne said "The globe is poised on the edge of a number of climate change tipping points any one of which could send us into runaway heating.

"The time for hard decisions is now. There is no more time for excuses and delays.

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Garnaut targets rumour would be climate catastrophe

Australian Greens climate change spokesperson, Senator Christine Milne, today expressed hope that the rumours in today's Crikey email of a disastrously weak emissions reduction target in Professor Garnaut's Supplementary Draft Report are incorrect.

Senator Milne said "Professor Garnaut has done a remarkably good job of developing credibility in a field he was completely uncomfortable in until just a year ago.

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MRET critical to meeting emissions reduction targets - Greens

The Australian Greens today backed calls to maintain the mandatory renewable energy target and reject the reported advice of the Wilkins Review and the Productivity Commission to scrap the scheme.

"It is quite clear that an emission trading scheme will not, on its own, be sufficient to stimulate adequate investment in renewable energy," Senator Christine Milne, Australian Greens spokesperson for Climate Change said today.

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Nelson's spoiling tactic criticized by Greens

Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson is taking the Coalition out of the political process to determine Australia's climate change trajectory, Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.
"Dr Nelson's demand that nothing happen before 2012 dismisses the world's scientists' calls for urgent action to halt climate change," Senator Brown said. 
"The Opposition Leader is putting the wishes of major polluters ahead of the interests of ordinary Australians."

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No signal for change: Protecting polluters, hurting the community

The Rudd Government's Green Paper has failed the test of true leadership by neutralising the carbon price signal and still providing no responsible target, Australian Greens climate change spokesperson, Senator Christine Milne, said today.

Senator Milne said, "Minister Wong's Green Paper protects polluters and provides no signal for investment for a zero-emissions future. Minister Wong used the term 'transformation' many times in her speech, but the scheme proposed here provides no drivers at all for transformation, instead protecting existing investments at all costs.

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