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Pressure of impending Bank Royal Commission continues to reap dividends for public

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Greens caution Cabinet on China bank

Tony Abbott's Cabinet is expected to make a formal decision to sign Australia up to the new Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank on Monday, but the Greens say tighter environmental and human rights standards must be agreed to first.

"Cabinet should not commit to joining the new bank until tighter environmental and human rights standards have been agreed to," said Greens Leader Christine Milne.

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Labor set to adopt Greens bank levy

Adam Bandt 1 Aug 2013

Greens Deputy Leader, Adam Bandt, has welcomed reports that the government may adopt the Greens' bank levy policy in tomorrow's economic statement.

However, Mr Bandt warned the government risked the possibility of the levy being passed on to consumers, and undermining competition if it applied to smaller banks as well as the big four.

"Labor looks set to adopt the Greens' bank levy," Mr Bandt said.

"I welcome Labor's support for Greens economic policy."

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