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Miles Franklin more rewarding without tax

Greens Leader Christine Milne has reiterated her call to stop taxing iconic arts award winners as this year’s Miles Franklin winner Michelle de Kretser was announced in Canberra today.

“It really takes the shine off winning this wonderful award that Michelle doesn't receive the full value of the prize.

"The Gillard government and Tony Abbott need to get their priorities right – taxing prize money for authors and artists raises very little revenue and makes no sense if we value Australia's artists." Senator Milne said.

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Regional arts give more bang for funding buck

Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne is calling for a $10 million boost to the Regional Arts Fund in a move she says will provide a greater social return on investment than general arts funding.

"We know that funding regional arts delivers so much more for the dollar in terms of strengthening communities, but the regional fund was cut in 2008 and it has never recovered.

"Labor's recent National Cultural Policy announcement increased funding to just about all areas except regional arts.

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Extreme agenda exposed: Liberals push plan to sell ABC and SBS

The Coalition has let the extremist cat out of the bag, with Tony Abbott's Liberals pushing plans to privatise the ABC and SBS, the Greens warned today.

"When Parliament resumes the Greens will introduce a motion to test the Coalition's real intentions," Greens communications spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam said today.

Senator Ludlam said the Coalition had dropped its guard and revealed its extremism.

"The Coalition arrogantly assumes it will sail into office regardless of how extreme its policies are. The mask is slipping.

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Christine Milne Transcript: National Cultural Policy

Christine Milne responded to Minister Crean's National Cultural Policy announcement and responded to questions on media reform and Fiji


Subjects: National cultural policy, media reform, Fiji.

CHRISTINE MILNE: The long-awaited cultural policy has at last been unveiled. This is a long time coming and right around Australia people have been looking forward to this day and have been wondering whether it would ever come.

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Greens tell Gillard: stop taxing arts prizes

The Australian Greens, in partnership with the trustee of Australia's most prestigious literary prize, The Miles Franklin Award, is calling on the Gillard Government to scrap its policy of taxing iconic arts awards.

"The Gillard Government and the Coalition need to get their priorities right - taxing prize money for authors and artists raises very little revenue and makes no sense if we value Australia's artists." Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne said

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Greens say 30% tax rebate on films essential

The Australian Greens are calling on the Gillard Government to increase the location tax offset for films from 16.5 per cent to 30 per cent to ensure Australia becomes the world's premier location for major international film and television production.

This week the Greens received costings from the Parliamentary Budget Office which reveal this initiative will cost $27 million over the forward estimates.

"The PBO costings show this is a small investment for a huge multiplier," Senator Christine Milne said.

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Greens call for 30% Location Tax Offset for all films

Film and creative arts industries create thousands of jobs in Australia and are a critical driver in the transition from a dig it up, cut it down, ship it away economy to the diverse knowledge and information based future that will make us competitive in the 21st century. They must be supported.

"I am very pleased the government has moved to secure the filming and production of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, but this should not be a one-off," Senator Christine Milne said.

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$10 million for the arts would enrich our lives

Australian Greens Leader, Christine Milne, attending events at Tasmania's MONA FOMA festival this week, is launching $10 million of initiatives to support the arts and enrich the lives of more Australians.

The initiatives would ensure more young and emerging artists are paid for their work, encourage more innovation in the arts, and support more touring to regional Australia and overseas.

"The arts, from festivals like MONA FOMA and the Sydney Festival, to small art galleries and community theatre companies, bring so much joy to our lives," Senator Milne said.

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