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Mr Julian Assange

Senator LUDLAM: I move:
That the Senate-
(a) notes that the High Court in London will bring down its decision on Wednesday, 2 November 2011 regarding Sweden's request to extradite Mr Julian Assange; and
(b) calls on the Government to ensure that:
(i) the consular and legal rights of all Australian citizens overseas are fully protected, and
(ii) if extradited to Sweden for questioning, Mr Assange not be subject to further extradition from Sweden to the United States of America under a bilateral agreement to which Australia is not party.
Question put.

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Condolence Speech on recent deaths in Afghanistan

Senator LUDLAM (Western Australia) (17:04): I rise to add my condolences to those of my colleagues on all sides of the chamber concerning the horror that occurred on the weekend and to pay my respects to the three fallen Australians whose sacrifice is appreciated by all of us. Also to the Afghan interpreter, who was killed, and the many who were terribly injured, our thoughts are with them and their families. It is worth noting in passing, with a sense of sadness, that we do not speak to the names of each of Australia's fallen troops now because there are so many.

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Tragedy in Afghanistan: Brown

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown today expressed great sadness at the deaths of three Australian soldiers and a local interpreter in Afghanistan and extended his hopes for a speedy as possible recovery to the seven defence force personnel who were wounded.

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Cluster Munitions

Wednesday 19 October 2011 - Foreign Affairs Defence and Trade Committee


Senator LUDLAM: I will give you a quick preview. I have two questions, one relating to cluster munitions and the ADF and one relating to Talisman Sabre, so fit them in where you will.

Senator Feeney: Go for it.

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