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Supporting legal advocacy

Penny Wright 15 May 2014

I move that the Senate

1.       notes it is Law Week, which runs from 12 to 18 May 2014 to promote community awareness about the legal system and access to justice;

2.       notes that the Productivity Commission's draft report into Access to Justice states advocacy should be a core activity of the legal assistance sector;

3.       recognises that legal aid commissions and community legal centres are uniquely placed to advocate for law reform, and that to do so is an efficient use of their resources; and

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Greens to disallow bankruptcy filing fees

Penny Wright 2 Apr 2014

The Greens will seek to disallow the recently introduced $120 bankruptcy filing fee when the Senate returns in May.

Australian Greens spokesperson for legal affairs Senator Penny Wright said the fee would be a barrier stopping people in dire financial trouble from getting the help they need to get out of debt and have a fresh start.

“It defies reason to require people who are in the worst kind of financial trouble to pay a fee to go bankrupt,” Senator Wright said.

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Abbott's cruel cuts will raise indigenous prison rates

More Aboriginal Australians will end up in jail because of the Abbott Government's cuts to indigenous legal aid, say the Australian Greens.

Spokesperson on legal affairs Senator Penny Wright said the Coalition's decision to cut $9m from legal services showed appalling lack of concern about shameful over-incarceration of Aboriginal people.

"More than one in four prisoners are Aboriginal, despite making up only a fraction of our population. Too many are in jail because of inadequate legal understanding and representation," Senator Wright said.

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Indigenous legal aid cuts must not go ahead

Prime Minister Tony Abbott must urgently clarify if he intends to reverse his party's election promise to make multi-million dollar cuts to indigenous legal aid, say the Australian Greens.

The Attorney General's Department last night confirmed frontline services could not be isolated from the $42 million cut to indigenous legal aid funding under questioning from Senator Rachel Siewert and Senator Penny Wright.

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