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Ark Tribe decision - Majority oppose building commission powers: Bandt

Greens MP and employment and workplace relations spokesperson Adam Bandt has called for the scrapping of the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) following today's verdict in the Ark Tribe case.

Mr Bandt also released results of new national polling showing a majority (55-63%) of Australian's oppose the ABCC's powers.

"Ark Tribe's acquittal today is a rebuff to the powers of the building commission and further evidence of the need to scrap these laws."

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Beyond the Fair Work Act: From 'Flexibility' to 'Sustainability' in Australia's workplaces


Speech to Workforce Conference - 23 November 2010


As a former industrial lawyer, and now the Greens' spokesperson on employment and workplace relations, I'm sure few will be surprised by my claim that IR is a centrally important policy and legislative agenda for any political party. However, as I am here today among the like minded, I take it as given that you already understand the importance of a strong and fair industrial relations system.

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Speech to Industrial Relations Society of Victoria

To say that we have just witnessed an interesting election is somewhat of an understatement. And I've probably had one of the more unusual first few weeks in the new job. But I think if anything can train you for high-stakes multi-party negotiations with people you've only just met, it's being a Victorian industrial lawyer. So it is a great pleasure to be back here and talking to many people I have worked with in one form or another. It's an honour to be asked to speak at the start of the day's proceedings.

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Greens support building workers protesting ABCC

The Australian Greens today put their support behind the building and construction workers rallying around Australia for the  removal of the undemocratic building and construction laws at the time when a worker is facing gaol for taking a stand against the ABCC.

"The Greens remain committed to the principle of one law for all workers. Australians working in the building and construction sector should not be singled out for more punitive treatment," Senator Rachel Siewert said today.

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The Australian Greens believe that robust and effective occupational health and safety laws and practices are vital for the social and economic health of our workplaces and, more importantly, for Australians and their families.

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Greens renew calls for abolition of ABCC

The Australian Greens are fully supporting calls from construction unions around Australia for the removal of the undemocratic building and construction laws, as a worker faces goal for taking a stand against the ABCC.

Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens spokesperson for Employment and Workplace Relations says the Building Construction Industry Improvement legislation has now been in operation longer under the Labor Government that it was under the Howard regime.

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Greens renew call for govt to honour election promise to scrap ABCC

The Australian Greens have renewed their call for the Federal Government to fulfil its election promise to abolish the Australian Building and Construction Commissioner and bring Australia's workplace laws in line with international standards.

It comes as a recent International Labour Organisation report heavily criticised the Labor Government for not doing more to ensure our workplace laws comply with international legal obligations.

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ALP fails to uphold promise to abolish ABCC

The Rudd Government has failed to deliver on a key election promise, with the continuation of the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) into 2010, say the Australian Greens.

"At the last election, the ALP vowed to replace the ABCC with a special building industry inspectorate by 1st February 2010. We are now in the last few days of Parliamentary sitting, and it is obvious that promise will not be kept," said Senator Rachel Siewert.

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Public and Greens rally behind Ark Tribe case

The Australian Greens have put their support behind rallies being held around Australia today in support of construction worker Ark Tribe who is facing 6 months in gaol for not attending an interview with the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC).

"It continues to be a disgrace that working people like Ark Tribe can be facing gaol for attending a workplace safety meeting," said Australian Greens Industrial Relations spokesperson Senator Rachel Siewert.

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