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Speech: Safe Cladding

I rise to speak to the Customs Amendment (Safer Cladding) Bill 2019. The bill amends the Customs Act 1901 to expressly ban the importation of polyethylene aluminium composite panels, which are a type of flammable cladding. I support the comments by Senator Patrick and Senator Pratt with regards to banning this type of cladding.

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We need a Greens Stimulus Package to boost weak growth

Today's weak economic figures reveal an economy that is spluttering and directionless under a Coalition Government whose plans are nothing more than the same old discredited trickle-down nonsense. That's why the Greens are calling today for the Government to adopt a Green Stimulus package, said Leader of the Australian Greens Dr Richard Di Natale.

"The growth figures released today prove what has been clear to so many of us for so long: this Government's lame old trickle-down approach to the economy is a flop and they have no plan to fix it," Di Natale said.

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Greens pledge $1b funding to make bike riding safer

The Australian Greens have pledged $1 billion in funding to ensure that bike riders have the freedom to ride safely for every journey. The Greens package would create a comprehensive network of bicycle routes across our cities and regional areas.

“Every bike rider death on Australian roads is a preventable tragedy and almost all are a failure of our infrastructure” said Senator Janet Rice, Australian Greens transport spokesperson.

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$1 billion for bikes


The Australian Greens have a plan to:

  1. Create a network of safe and continuous bicycle routes

  2. Develop end-of-trip facilities (such as showers and lockers) that encourage cycling

  3. Invest in safe and secure bicycle storage at train stations and major hubs

  4. Make cycling safer by creating separated bicycle lanes, prioritising high risk corridors

  5. Boost bike tourism by building regional bike trails and facilities


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Bill Shorten’s electric vehicle backtrack shows you can’t trust Labor on climate, say Greens

Bill Shorten has today confirmed that Labor’s 50% by 2030 electric vehicle target isn’t an election promise, and that it “doesn’t mean that [it] will happen.”

“The Greens are extremely disappointed that Bill Shorten and Labor have caved in to the scare campaign from the climate deniers on the hard right on their electric vehicle policy,” said Senator Janet Rice, Australian Greens transport spokesperson.

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Greens announce plans to Renew WA

More than 24,000 full-time jobs a year would be created in Western Australia under the Greens plan to rapidly transform Australia’s energy system to renewables by 2030.

Greens Leader, Senator Richard Di Natale said:

"Coal is the world’s biggest cause of climate change and Australia is the world’s biggest exporter of coal with 80 per cent of what we dig up being sent overseas to be burned. Unless we phase out coal, we can’t deal with climate change.

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NAIF a slush fund for LNP pet projects like Adani

The ANAO report released today has confirmed the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility is a politically motivated waste of taxpayers money designed to funnel cash into projects like the Adani coal mine, the Greens say.

Greens Senator for Queensland Larissa Waters said the ANAO has found the NAIF lacks transparency and has made inconsistent decisions.

"The Greens have said NAIF was opaque from the word go. It has been a political exercise to appease the Nationals, rather than actually meeting the needs of northern Australians," she said.

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Labor’s embarrassing vehicle emissions backflip shows their electric vehicle and emissions standards policies were written on the run, say the Greens

Labor’s backflip on forcing car dealers rather than manufacturers to reduce vehicle emissions shows their policy was written on the run, say the Greens.

“Putting the onus on car dealers rather than manufacturers was clearly unworkable and just demonstrates that Labor has cooked up this dog’s breakfast of a policy on the run,” said Senator Janet Rice, Australian Greens transport spokesperson.

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Budget infrastructure spending shows a complete lack of vision and porkbarrelling, say Greens

 The Morrison’s government’s infrastructure spending demonstrates a complete lack of vision and pre-election porkbarrelling to save the skin of incumbent Coalition MPs, say the Australian Greens.

“The centrepiece of the Government’s high-speed or “fast” rail policy, the perennial election sweetener that never materialises when one of the major parties forms government, is to fund another five feasibility studies, taking the total number to eight,” said Senator Janet Rice, Australian Greens transport and infrastructure spokesperson.

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$400k in Budget for national EV strategy a joke, say Greens

The Morrison government’s $400,000 allocation for a national electric vehicle strategy in the Budget is an absolute joke, especially when they have allocated 25 times as much in luxury car rebates, say the Australian Greens.

“The staggeringly low $400,000 to roll out a national electric vehicle strategy is an absolute joke,” said Senator Janet Rice, Australian Greens transport spokesperson.

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