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Hill End community calls on Cobb to attend nuclear dump meeting

Lee Rhiannon 25 Nov 2015

Government officials had initially intended only to have individual meetings with landholders, but have now agreed to attend tomorrow’s community meeting.

“Residents and business owners in Hill End and surrounding regions are outraged by the shortlisting of Hill End as a possible national nuclear waste dump without their consent or planning,” said local representative for the No Central West Nuclear Waste Dump Committee, Jodie Carter.

“Our local member John Cobb had been missing in action by keeping the community in the dark about this plan.

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Government is still asking the wrong question on nuclear waste dump: Greens

Scott Ludlam 13 Nov 2015

The Federal Government has announced the locations of the six sites it proposes to assess for formal shortlisting for a national radioactive waste dump.

Australia's troubled history of attempts to establish a single national waste dump have moved into a new phase, with a longer list of 28 nominated sites sharpened to six locations which will be the subject of four months of consultations.

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No-go on India nuclear deal

Scott Ludlam 8 Sep 2015

The Greens have welcomed a report from the Joint Standing Committee On Treaties (JSCOT) that has just been tabled in the House of Representatives, recommending Tony Abbott's intention to sell Australian uranium to India should not go ahead at this time.

JSCOT member Senator Peter Whish-Wilson said:

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Chernobyl: 26 years on

Scott Ludlam 14 Aug 2015

Chernobyl was the first, and until Fukushima, only major nuclear accident to reach Level 7 on the 7-point International Nuclear Events scale (INES).

Despite efforts by the International Atomic Energy Agency to play down the disaster as a one-off resulting from poor work practices in the former Soviet Union, the world today is contemplating the ruins of a second reactor complex on Japan's Pacific Coast.

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Nuclear renaissance ‘impossible'

As the Australian Uranium Conference opens today in Perth, Senator Scott Ludlam, Australian Greens acting leader and spokesperson for nuclear issues has dubbed the industry as terminally ill.

"Renewable energy is growing at a faster rate than nuclear energy - an industry that has been dominated by disasters, cost blow outs and safety issues," Senator Ludlam said today.

"It's time the nuclear industry came to terms with the reality that a renaissance of the industry is impossible and resuscitation unlikely," Senator Ludlam said.

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