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Liberal and Labor vote to ignore waste dump community concerns

Scott Ludlam 22 Feb 2016

The Labor and Liberal parties have voted together against a senate motion acknowledging the community opposition to each of the six locations shortlisted as a site for a nuclear waste dump.

"It's not as though this motion asked a lot of the government, but for the opposition to cower from it is disappointing and weak," Australian Greens Deputy Leader and Nuclear Issues Spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam said today.

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Removing bans on nuclear industry senseless and short-sighted: Australian Greens

Robert Simms 17 Feb 2016

Australian Greens Senator for South Australia Robert Simms has slammed Family First Senator Bob Day's suggestion that federal laws preventing the expansion of the nuclear industry be removed.

"Senator Day's suggestion that we remove federal bans on the nuclear industry is senseless and short sighted. Removing these kind of safeguards would clearly not be looking out for our home state of South Australia," Senator Simms said.

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A Dump on Both their Houses

Scott Ludlam 16 Feb 2016

Federal Labor Leader Bill Shorten has raised the stakes on moves to establish an international nuclear waste dump in Australia, in praising the work of the South Australian Royal Commission into the Nuclear Fuel Cycle.

“The report is a boring rehash of failed ambitions, empty hype and imaginary benefits. It should be read for its insights into the psychology of South Australia’s small but increasingly desperate pro-nuclear lobby, and then it should be composted,” Senator Scott Ludlam said today.

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Strong local opposition at all 6 proposed nuclear waste dump sites

Scott Ludlam 4 Feb 2016

There is strong local opposition exists at all six sites currently under consideration for a nuclear waste dump in Australia. The communities of Hill End in New South Wales, Omanama in Queensland, Hale in the Northern Territory, Cortlinye, Pinkawillinie and Barndioota in South Australia have all said no.

NOTICE OF MOTION                                                                          4 February 2016                                                                                            

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