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Estimates: compensation for nuclear veterans questions

Senate Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Legislation Committee 
Department of Veterans' Affairs 

20 November, 2013

Senator WRIGHT: I am just interested to know: is the issue of expanding compensation for veterans of the nuclear testing at Maralinga in the 1950s and 1960s under consideration by the Department of Veterans' Affairs?

Mr Lewis: Not that I am aware of.

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National uranium protections at risk

The Australian Government is prepared to abandon all responsibility for regulating the uranium industry, in direct contradiction to written commitments given by Environment Minister Greg Hunt.

In May 2013, then opposition environment spokesperson Greg Hunt said the Commonwealth would retain control over decisions involving nuclear matters and projects for which state governments are likely to have a significant conflict of interest as the proponent - both of which would cover uranium mining.

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ANSTO's External Legal Fees

Scott Ludlam 17 Nov 2013

Economics Legislation Committee - Budget Estimates 3 June 2013

Senator LUDLAM: More than zero. So, yes, take that one on notice. This might also have to go on notice: how much has ANSTO spent in the last five financial years on external legal advice and representation?

Dr Paterson: We will provide that on notice.

Financial Year  Amounts inclusive of GST
2008/2009 $550,287
2009/2010 $1,180,247
2010/2011 $1,216,651
2011/2012 $387,328
2012/2013 (to 19 June) $624,905

These figures do not include patent attorney costs.

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Comcare ANSTO investigations

Scott Ludlam 14 Nov 2013

Senate Standing Committee on Education Employment and Workplace Relations  -  Budget Estimates 2013-2014

1. Is ComCare undertaking any investigations on ANSTO currently?
2. How many ComCare claims are you processing from ANSTO personnel at the moment?
3. In the past ComCare have reported on the ANSTO nuclear facility and found that the nuclear facility had under-reported accidents and breached safety standards.

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Major parties put their heads in the radioactive sands of Fukushima

Scott Ludlam 14 Nov 2013

Australian Greens Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam. 14 November 2013.

Today the government and opposition voted to remain ignorant of events unfolding in Fukushima, as a risky operation to recover irradiated fuel from the shattered reactor complex gets underway.

"My motion called for the government to regularly advise the Senate on the risks to Pacific Ocean communities in the event of a fire or accident during fuel removal operations from Unit 4," Greens nuclear spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam said.

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