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Australian politicians must distance themselves from Wilders: Greens

Australian Greens spokesperson for multiculturalism, Senator Richard Di Natale, today called on Senator Cory Bernardi and all Australian politicians to distance themselves from Geert Wilders, following the decision to approve his visa application.

“Now that the Immigration Minister has approved the visa application of Geert Wilders, community leaders and politicians of all stripes must reject his hateful rhetoric,” said Senator Di Natale.

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Senate fails to defend multiculturalism: Greens

Senate fails to defend multiculturalism: Greens

The ALP and Coalition today voted in the Senate against a motion to reject the hateful anti-Muslim views of Geert Wilders.

“Today provided an opportunity to senators of all parties to take a stand in defence of multiculturalism – sadly many failed to do so,” said Senator Di Natale.

“In the context of recent events I find it staggering that either party would fail to reject the characterisation of the Muslim culture as retarded and barbaric

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Greens condemn extremism, defend multiculturalism

Australian Greens multiculturalism spokesperson, Senator Richard Di Natale, said today that we must not abandon our commitment to a rich and vibrant, multicultural Australia in the wake of the violent protests in Sydney over the weekend.

“Make no mistake – the Greens condemn the violent protests which took place in Sydney over the weekend. The violent actions and extreme views of a minority of protesters are unacceptable,” said Senator Di Natale.

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Fremantle’s warm welcome will defy the winter at the Refugee Welcome Fiesta

The Fremantle Greens, City of Fremantle, Amnesty International, the Anglican Church and many others have joined together to host the Refugee Welcome Fiesta this weekend.

The all-inclusive community event to celebrate the diversity of our cultures and the new lives of refugees in Australia begins at 11am on Saturday, June 23rd, at the Fremantle Esplanade.

From 11am until 1pm the Fremantle Esplanade will host music, dance, food stalls, and soccer (a five-a-side tournament). At 1pm ‘Walk Together' begins - a walk for harmony through Fremantle. The Fiesta ends at 4pm.

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Sporting clubs should drop EnergyWatch as sponsor immediately: Greens

Australian Greens’ spokesperson for sport and multiculturalism today called on the Melbourne Football Club, Melbourne Victory and Melbourne Rebels to drop EnergyWatch as a sponsor following the vile racist slurs by its CEO and co-owner, Ben Polis.

“No organisation, especially sporting organisations, should align themselves with someone who peddles such hurtful and vile comments,” said Senator Di Natale.

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Amnesty International’s call for time limits and detention centre closures should be heeded

The Australian Greens have today urged the Gillard government to follow the recommendations of Amnesty International's report to impose time limits on detention and shut down remote detention centres.

"If we want to stop already fragile people from harming themselves or taking their lives, the only way to do it is by closing detention centres on Christmas Island and elsewhere," Greens' immigration spokesperson, Sen. Sarah Hanson-Young.

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Coalition’s comments on ‘deodorant for migrants’ unhelpful and destructive

The remarks by Teresa Gambaro that migrants, including those on temporary visas, need compulsory training about hygiene are unhelpful, the Australian Greens said today.

"By all means, inform migrants about how they can access services in Australia or how our legal system works," Greens' immigration spokesperson, Sen. Sarah Hanson-Young, said.

"But focusing on body odour is blatant dog whistling from the Coalition.

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Here's how to create long-term, safer pathways to Australia for asylum seekers

The sight of the two big parties exchanging and releasing letters on Tuesday was a performance that gave little hope for a sensible, humane or long-term response to the complex humanitarian issue of asylum seekers.

Australia receives around 2% of asylum applications to industrialised nations - over six months we receive equivalent numbers of unauthorised arrivals that Italy receives in one weekend. Yet political consideration of asylum policy is so warped our leaders were reduced to bickering like note-passing schoolchildren.

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Australia should take the Java survivors found to be genuine refugees by the UNHCR

The Australian government should commit to resettling the survivors of the Java boat tragedy once they have found by the UNHCR to be refugees in genuine need of protection, the Greens said today.

"The UNHCR has said they are ready to help in assessing the protection claims of survivors and try finding a safe country for those found to be refugees," Greens' immigration spokesperson, Sen. Sarah Hanson-Young, said today.

"Australia should do what we can to assist them.

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Java boat tragedy requires a regional humanitarian response

The Australian Greens have rejected renewed pushes to expel asylum seekers to Malaysia or Nauru following the Java boat tragedy, and have advocated again for an increase in the humanitarian intake with a direct resettlement programme.

"We need a humanitarian response that deals with the realities of why people flee on leaky vessels and not get sidetracked by discussions of border protection or national security," Greens' immigration spokesperson, Sen. Sarah Hanson-Young, said today.

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