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Migrant Employment Fund cuts cruel and heartless: Greens

Greens Senator and spokesperson on multiculturalism Richard Di Natale has slammed the Abbott government for cutting the Migrant Communities Employment Fund.

The $6.6 million Migrant Communities Employment Fund was established by the previous government after a community campaign and lobbying by the Greens to support employment programs amongst new migrant communities.

“This is a mean spirited cut, that will have little impact on the Budget bottom line but will hurt migrant Australians who face big challenges in labour market,” said Senator Di Natale.

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Greens back ethnic and indigenous groups on Racial Discrimination Act

The Australian Greens have today backed calls by a coalition of ethnic and indigenous groups to protect laws against racially-motivated hate speech, saying the Coalition’s plan to weaken protections against racism is shameful.

“The Greens will never support any moves that make it easier to abuse people on the basis of race,” said Senator Richard Di Natale, Greens spokesperson for Multiculturalism.

“Multiculturalism is one of Australia’s greatest success stories but racial vilification is still a reality for too many people in our society.

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Greens condemn attack on Jewish family

Australian Greens spokesperson for Multiculturalism, Senator Richard Di Natale, today joined Australian Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane in condemning an attack on a Jewish family in Bondi over the weekend. "The Greens share the Commissioner's concern at the violence, which appears to have been racially motivated," said Senator Di Natale. "Violence of any kind is unacceptable but racist violence is particularly abhorrent. "This type of hatred and violence has no place in our society.

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Greens Plan to Support local Community Broadcasting

Today on Perth community radio station RTR FM, the Australian Greens launched a $27million package to support our independent and diverse community media sector.

"Media diversity is vital to the health of our democracy and in this country media diversity is in retreat and community broadcasting provides a vital voice for local people and issues," said Senator Scott Ludlam.

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Extreme agenda exposed: Liberals push plan to sell ABC and SBS

The Coalition has let the extremist cat out of the bag, with Tony Abbott's Liberals pushing plans to privatise the ABC and SBS, the Greens warned today.

"When Parliament resumes the Greens will introduce a motion to test the Coalition's real intentions," Greens communications spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam said today.

Senator Ludlam said the Coalition had dropped its guard and revealed its extremism.

"The Coalition arrogantly assumes it will sail into office regardless of how extreme its policies are. The mask is slipping.

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Katter party candidate shows why Morrison is wrong on multiculturalism

Greens spokesperson for multiculturalism, Senator Richard Di Natale, said Scott Morrison’s speech was a dull and predictable tour of the same tired old territory so often exploited by the Coalition.

“Scott Morrison tried to dress up division in the language of unity, and sought to lay blame for any cultural tensions on newly arrived migrants for their ‘self-imposed cultural withdrawal’,” said Senator Di Natale.

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Australian politicians must distance themselves from Wilders: Greens

Australian Greens spokesperson for multiculturalism, Senator Richard Di Natale, today called on Senator Cory Bernardi and all Australian politicians to distance themselves from Geert Wilders, following the decision to approve his visa application.

“Now that the Immigration Minister has approved the visa application of Geert Wilders, community leaders and politicians of all stripes must reject his hateful rhetoric,” said Senator Di Natale.

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Senate fails to defend multiculturalism: Greens

Senate fails to defend multiculturalism: Greens

The ALP and Coalition today voted in the Senate against a motion to reject the hateful anti-Muslim views of Geert Wilders.

“Today provided an opportunity to senators of all parties to take a stand in defence of multiculturalism – sadly many failed to do so,” said Senator Di Natale.

“In the context of recent events I find it staggering that either party would fail to reject the characterisation of the Muslim culture as retarded and barbaric

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