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Hey Liberal and Labor, now the Anglicans don’t even want the right to discriminate against LGBT+ people, will you finally support the Greens bills to end discrimination in schools?

Janet Rice 9 Nov 2018

Following the backflip by the Sydney Anglicans and the  Melbourne Anglicans coming out to say they don’t want the power to expel or fire LGBT+ students and teachers, Labor and Liberal must commit to supporting the Greens bill removing discrimination in schools.

“There’s been a lot of talk from the Morrison government and from Labor about ending discrimination against LGBT+ people in schools, but the time for talk is over,” said Senator Janet Rice, Australian Greens LGBTIQ+ spokesperson.

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Deliver protection for LGBT+ students and staff in religious schools now, not after election: Greens

Janet Rice 7 Nov 2018

The Morrison government must deliver now on its promise to remove discrimination against LGBT+ students in religious schools, and include teachers and staff, say the Greens.

“With even some religious schools now joining the call for this discrimination to end, it’s time for parliamentarians to get on with the job and remove religious schools’ ability to expel and fire LGBT+ students and staff,” said Senator Janet Rice, Australian Greens LGBTIQ+ spokesperson.

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Being fired or expelled for being LGBT+ is discrimination, not religious freedom: Greens

Janet Rice 31 Oct 2018

The joint letter from Sydney Anglican school principals shows they want to continue to be able to discriminate against LGBT+ people just because of who they are, say the Greens.

‘If what the Sydney Anglicans are saying is that merely being out as LGBT+ is enough to ‘undermine or denigrate the beliefs and teachings of an employing school’, then that’s homophobia and transphobia, not religious freedom,’ said Senator Janet Rice, Australian Greens LGBTIQ+ spokesperson.

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Prime Minister avoiding party room fight over removing discrimination against LGBTIQ+ people in schools: Greens

Janet Rice 25 Oct 2018

‘The Government’s failure to introduce a Bill today proves that Prime Minister Morrison is more interested in avoiding a divisive party room so soon after the Wentworth disaster than protecting LGBTIQ+ students and staff from discrimination,’ said Senator Janet Rice, Australian Greens LGBTIQ+ spokesperson.

‘Once again LGBTIQ+ people are being held to ransom by the hard right of the Liberal party.’

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Prime Minister, deliver on your promise to remove discrimination against LGBTIQ+ students this week: Greens

Janet Rice 24 Oct 2018

The Australian Greens are calling on Prime Minister Morrison to deliver on his promise during the Wentworth by-election to remove the ability of religious schools to discriminate against LGBTIQ+ students.

“When the heat was on during Wentworth, the Prime Minister promised a bill would be passed by the end of this week removing discrimination in religious schools,” said Senator Janet Rice, Australian Greens LGBTIQ+ spokesperson.

“Where is the bill? Or did the Prime Minister lie to the people of Wentworth?”

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Speech: Discrimination Free Schools

I rise to speak on the Greens sex discrimination amendment bill, the Discrimination Free Schools Bill 2018, and I do so very proudly. This is the reason I joined the Greens. We do not accept discriminating against people on any basis. We will not accept and allow discrimination on the grounds of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, intersex status, marital or relationship status, pregnancy or breastfeeding.

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Greens' bill is PM's chance to 'act right now' on ending discrimination for LGBT+ students

Janet Rice 16 Oct 2018

Greens LGBTIQ+ spokesperson Senator Janet Rice today said that voting for the Greens’ bill to end exemptions to anti-discrimination laws that allow religious schools to expel LGBT+ students is Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s chance to “act right now” and deal with this issue “once and for all”.

The Greens introduced the Discrimination Free Schools Bill 2018 into the Senate this afternoon.

“Prime Minister Scott Morrison is right: we need to ‘act right now’ to end this unfair discrimination while both parties are feeling the pressure in Wentworth,” Senator Rice said.

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