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Abbott’s first broken promise: will it be cuts to foreign aid?


Yesterday's media announcement that opposition leader Tony Abbott was backing an $800 million cut from the foreign aid budget to pay for his personal tax zones in northern Australia is indecent and sends a shocking message to our Pacific and Asian neighbours. 

An $800 million cut if implemented would represent a 16 per cent reduction in Australia's annual aid budget. 

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Govt robs money from aid budget for failed refugee policy

The Gillard government's plans to cut foreign aid programs by about $400 million breaks Labor's commitment to increase the budget allocation for overseas development, Greens spokesperson on foreign aid Senator Lee Rhiannon said tonight.

"Cutting $400 million out of the aid budget to prop up Labor's failed refugee policy will take money away from education, health and other urgently needed projects in low-income countries", Senator Rhiannon said.

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Australian govt loan under fire for supporting destructive gas project in PNG

Australian Greens spokesperson for aid and development Senator Lee Rhiannon said that the Labor government's $500 million allocation to PNG's largest natural resource development is under a cloud following the release of a report that reveals contract favouritism to ExxonMobil and local corruption means few if any benefits will flow to ordinary people.

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Govt uses overseas aid dollars to grease wheels of PNG’s Manus Island detention centre

Shifting aid money around as a sweetener for PNG reopening Manus Island is an inappropriate use of aid money, said Greens spokesperson for overseas aid Senator Lee Rhiannon.

Senator Rhiannon was responding to this morning's announcement that Australia will target an increase in aid for PNG to upgrade roads, schools and hospitals on Manus Island under a deal with the PNG government to host a refugee processing centre.

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