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International Aid and Global Justice

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MOTION: Don't cut overseas aid! - Senator Lee Rhiannon

Greens spokesperson on overseas aid Senator Lee Rhiannon says it is disappointing that both Labor and the Coalition have shown their hand by voting against a motion protecting overseas aid from further budget cuts. 

Motion - 14 March 2013

That the Senate-

1)      Notes that:

a)      The United Nations' endorsed target to meet the Millennium Development Goals is for developed nations to devote 0.7 percent of GNI to foreign aid by 2015 yet Australia currently contributes a mere 0.35 percent.

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Greens push for more and better overseas aid

Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne and Greens spokesperson on overseas aid Senator Lee Rhiannon will join the Oaktree Foundation rally tomorrow morning.

Christine Milne will speak at the launch of 'The Movement to End Poverty', an initiative of the Oaktree Foundation with up to 1000 young people visiting parliament to lobby for more and better overseas aid

The Senate will vote on a Greens motion to protect the overseas aid budget from cuts in the upcoming budget (motion below) at 11.50 - 12.30 tomorrow.

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Greens call on Australia to end its silence on Sri Lanka's atrocities

The Australian Greens today call on the Government to stand up for the human rights abuses and condemn the Rajapakse regime.

"It is obvious the Australian Government is more interested in collaborating with the Sri Lankan government and navy with regard to trying to stop people seeking asylum than addressing the reasons why they are seeking asylum in the first place." Australian Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne said.

"It is not good enough to just accept without further investigation the Rajapakse Government's assurances."

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