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Govt should come to table at Pacific Islands Forum with promised support for Pacific countries

On the eve of opening ceremony of the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF), Greens Senator and spokesperson for overseas aid Lee Rhiannon called on the Australian government to heed the calls of Pacific Island countries to honour commitments to fund the Office of the Chief Trade Advisor (OCTA) without strings attached.

At the Pacific Islands Forum in 2009, Pacific Island countries made funding for OCTA a condition of them entering negotiations with Australia in the Pacific Agreement on Closer Economic Relations Plus (PACER-Plus). 

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Save and expand foreign aid

This month the world is learning about the ongoing famine in the Horn of Africa, where about 12 million people have been hit by the worst drought in almost 60 years. Australia has pledged more than $11 million in aid. It's heart-wrenching to see malnourished children in refugee camps in Kenya with tubes in their noses to feed them because their hungry mothers cannot.

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Overseas Aid Review welcome, more accountability needed

Greens NSW Senator and International Aid and Development spokesperson Lee Rhiannon has welcomed the government’s response to the ‘Review of Aid Effectiveness’ but says more can be done to increase accountability and transparency.

Senator Rhiannon says that the Greens believe that Aid and Development needs its own Cabinet–level minister, as well as an independent Office of Development Effectiveness that reports direct to Parliament.

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Foreign Affairs Defence and Trade Thursday 2 June 2011

Senator LUDLAM: I have a couple of questions relating to Burma as it relates to our aid program. I understand there was a recent Burma conference at ANU called Burma/Myanmar Update, held on 16 and 17 May in Canberra. I understand that this conference was funded by AusAID-or that is what the conference convener said. Can you confirm for us whether or not AusAID funded that conference?

Mr Moore: Yes, we have provided funding to that Burma update conference for some years. We were a funder this year as well.

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AusAID - Family Planning Funding


Senator Hanson-Young asked AusAID in writing on 13 February 2011:
AusAID has made a significant commitment to increasing its funding in the area of family planning. Can you please explain how investing in family planning contributes to the development of countries and the achievement of all the MDGs, and why it is so important for Australia to lead in this area, particularly in the Pacific?

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