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Cleaning Up Australia is Good, Prevention is Better.

The Australian Greens today joined myriad volunteers from their local communities, removing rubbish from creeks, parks, beaches and roadsides.

 Senator Peter Whish-Wilson stated that much of that rubbish wouldn’t be there to begin with if all Australians could return their drink bottles and cans for a 10c refund, like they do in SA and the NT.

 "After cigarette butts, the top rubbish items collected during Clean Up Australia Day are plastic and glass bottles and aluminium cans, all of which can be prevented from becoming litter with a 10c refund.

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Buswell needs to come clean on Federal funding for transport

The Barnett Government must reveal the details of their Federal transport funding requests in the wake of Troy Buswell's admission that the Commonwealth will need to pay more than half the cost of the Liberals' promised big transport projects, the Greens said today.

On February 7th Greens Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam attempted to uncover the details of the State's light rail funding application to Infrastructure Australia, only to be told they were confidential.

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Land clearing in Western Australia

Scott Ludlam 26 Feb 2013

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act
(Question No. 2557)

Senator Ludlam asked the Minister representing the Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, in writing, on 20 November 2012:

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Petrol $1.50 a litre, rent $500 a week - "Transforming Perth” has the solutions

The Greens, the Property Council of Australia, and the Australian Urban Design Research Centre have developed an ambitious report that demonstrates Perth can accommodate its projected population growth within the existing urban footprint of the city, while also providing a blueprint for vastly improved public transport and boosting affordable housing and local business.

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Coke Needs to Respect Northern Territory’s Cash for Containers Scheme


The Australian Greens have condemned Coca-Cola Amatil for proceeding with its legal attempt to frustrate the Northern Territory’s recently introduced ‘cash for containers scheme.’

 The beverage company is suing the Government, essentially arguing they didn’t have the power to implement their cash for container reward schemes, with the case scheduled to commence tomorrow.

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Canning NT’s container deposit scheme bad for SA

Coca-Cola’s legal challenge to the Northern Territory’s container deposit scheme, which is beginning in Sydney today, represents a serious risk for South Australian businesses, the Greens said.

“If Coca-Cola wins in the Northern Territory, it is small businesses in SA that will really lose out,” Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said today.

“We here in South Australia know how much of a success our container deposit scheme has been and we are rightly proud of that.

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Don’t sacrifice Perth light rail to politics

The Greens light rail proposal adapted by the Western Australian Government should not be sacrificed for 'MetroNet', the Greens warned today.

Greens WA state transport spokesperson Lynn MacLaren said scrapping light rail would waste the planning and design work already done and forgo the city-building potential of electric light rail.

"The project is well into its development and should continue. It offers a genuine strategy to reduce congestion and we should not delay in its implementation with 'MetroNet many years away.

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