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Housing crisis: Greens name the elephant in the budget

"The Government's failure to acknowledge the national housing crisis shows the Labor party has turned its back on millions of Australians struggling with unaffordable housing," Australian Greens housing spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam said today.

"This Budget has no new programmes for improving housing affordability. No new money to tackle homelessness. No boost in public housing. No plans for more affordable rentals or more affordable ownership. No mention of the word housing in the Budget speech. Labor and the Coalition are pretending this crisis doesn't exist.

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Housing Tax

Scott Ludlam 15 May 2013

Notice Given: 10 November 2011
(Question No. 1460)

Senator Ludlam asked the Minister representing the Treasurer, upon notice, on 10 November 2011-

With reference to Australia's Future Tax System report, has the department ever conducted any modelling or analysis on:

(a) the number of recommendations it contained relating to the taxation treatment of housing, and specifically, of Recommendation 14 (p. 70) to ‘Provide a 40 per cent savings income discount to individuals for non-business related:

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WA in the Budget - good, bad, and pretty ugly

The Federal Budget is a mixed bag for Western Australia, Greens Senator for WA Scott Ludlam said tonight.

Senator Ludlam, who has championed light rail for Perth since 2007, welcomed tonight's announcement that the Federal Government would provide $500 million in funding for public transport in Western Australia over the next decade.

"Many people have campaigned for years for a serious funding commitment to light rail in Perth. Half a billion dollars from the Commonwealth for light rail or the airport link is a big win for Western Australia."

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Greens fight on two fronts to save Point Peron

The WA Greens are fighting on two fronts to save Point Peron from ruin.

WA Senator Scott Ludlam today wrote to Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke urging him to stop the controversial plan to destroy Point Peron.

"The State approving the proposed marina before the strategic environmental assessment process was completed was a disgraceful breach of trust, but the scheme can't go ahead without Federal approval.

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Overcrowding jumps by one third as housing crisis demands action

Scott Ludlam 13 May 2013

An increase of almost one third in the number of Australians living in severely overcrowded housing shows the old parties aren't delivering affordable housing, the Australian Greens said today.

Greens housing spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam said the 31 per cent rise in severe overcrowding reinforced the need for a comprehensive series of housing reforms.*

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The future of Australia’s cities – Green or grim?

Greens spokesperson on sustainable cities Senator Scott Ludlam said the National Sustainability Council's report released today "drives home the need for new thinking on urban planning to deal with growing populations, pollution, congestion, and housing affordability".

"Bad urban planning has turned up bad results. People are struggling to find affordable places to live and are spending more time and money getting to and from work. Poor planning costs the economy and the environment.

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Greens back call for sweeping urban planning reform

The Greens have congratulated a new alliance of peak bodies for taking the initiative with proposals for sweeping urban planning reforms.

"A New Deal for Urban Australia - released today by The Urban Coalition - sets out a vision for fixing Australia's cities and major towns, and is a stinging rebuke to Tony Abbott's destructive stance on urban policy," said Greens spokesperson for sustainable cities Senator Scott Ludlam.

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