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Liberals reject recommendation to establish Antarctic research institute leaving Hobart high and dry

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Greens to Environment Minister: introduced species don’t need heritage protection

The Environment Minister’s support for the NSW government’s move to use heritage laws to protect horses in the Kosciuszko National Park is farcical says Greens spokesperson for the Environment, Senator Andrew Bartlett.

“An Environment Minister who was committed to discharging his duties instead of backing up his mates in NSW would make the tough decision and protect vulnerable ecosystems and threatened species against major damage being caused by introduced animals. 

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Coalition's legacy will be the extermination of our native species

The Coalition’s plan to cut the jobs of people working in the Environment Department specifically to protect threatened species can not be allowed to proceed, says Greens Senator Andrew Bartlett and spokesperson for the environment and biodiversity.

"This is a deliberate attempt to clear they way for Turnbull’s mates in the mining and property development industry.

"Community campaigners and conservationists have successfully stopped many destructive projects in the past because they would have decimated threatened species habitat.

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Queensland Greens demand re-commitment to funding for remote housing

GreensMPs 9 Mar 2018

Queensland Greens Senator and spokesperson for the environment Andrew Bartlett is calling for an urgent overhaul of national environmental laws.

“Under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act the federal government has the power to put land on the national critical habitat register, says Senator Bartlett.

“It doing so it can act to protect the habitat of endangered species.

“A new report today shows it has failed to do this ONCE in the past ten years.

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Turnbull government’s ultimate insult to Williamtown

MEDIA RELEASE - 6 February 2018

Turnbull government’s ultimate insult to Williamtown

Commenting on the Turnbull government’s weak explanation regarding what consideration has been given to addressing the financial impacts of the Williamtown contamination, Greens NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon said the government’s lack of a plan was deeply insulting and would add to the hardship and uncertainty local residents and businesses are coping with.

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No Coincidence: Batman forces Bill to back blocking of Galilee rail

Within 24 hours of the news of a by-election in the Greens/Labor marginal seat of Batman, Federal Labor reaffirm they do not support taxpayer funds for any Galilee Basin rail line.

“Bill Shorten is no Caped Crusader - we know there’s an election coming when Labor starts to parade their green credentials.

“But he has provided a perfect opportunity for Queensland Labor to get out of their self-made mess and do what’s right for the regions”, says Queensland Greens Senator Andrew Bartlett.

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