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Questions on Notice: NBN inflation assumptions

Senate Select Committee on the National Broadband Network

Answers to Questions on Notice

Public Hearing 17 December 2013

Communications Portfolio

NBN Co Limited

Question No: 2

Hansard Ref: Pg 34

Topic: Strategic Review


Senator Ludlam asked:

What are your underlying inflation assumptions over that period of time?

Mr Rousselot: I don't know the detail of that. If you want, I am happy to bring in Mark—

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Will the NBN Co. be monopolistic under Abbott's government?

Senate Standing Committee on Environment and Communications

Answers to Senate Estimates Questions on Notice

Supplementary Budget Estimates Hearings November 2013

Communications Portfolio

Department Communications

Question No: 187

Program No. Program 1.1

Hansard Ref: Page 78 (19/11/2013)

Topic: Natural monopoly aspects

Senator Ludlam asked:

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Abbott causes NBN error for WA

Vast swathes of Western Australia will miss out on a world-class, fast broadband service under the Abbott Government, a senate inquiry will hear today.

Greens communications spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam said people across the state would be stranded on the obsolete copper telephone network under the current plan advanced by Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull.

"Farmers, regional architects, designers and software developers in WA could have been conducting business with people across the world with fast broadband," he said.

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NBN review crashes and burns on first scrutiny

NBN review crashes and burns on first scrutiny

12 Dec 2013 | Scott Ludlam
Broadband, Communications & the Digital Economy

A select committee established to watchdog the Government's broadband "strategic review" has dismantled the technical and financial underpinnings of the document, adding to the extraordinary list of the Abbott Government's policy failures and non-core promises.

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