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AFP demands data retention but accidentally publishes metadata from live investigation

A sharp lesson in metadata security has been delivered by the Guardian Australia, with revelations that the Federal Police accidentally published metadata from a live investigation in documents provided to Greens Senator Scott Ludlam.

The documents were AFP metadata request templates, but were not redacted correctly when provided to Senator Ludlam and the Senate in 2012.
The documents obtained by Senator Ludlam in a Senate estimates committee were posted on the Senator's site. They were removed when it was revealed that the documents had been improperly redacted.

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Irrelevant NBN cost benefit analysis won’t get the project back on track

Media Statement
Greens Spokesman for Communications
Senator for WA Scott Ludlam
August 27, 2014

Malcolm Turnbull's release of a cost benefit analysis into the National Broadband Network confirms that the Government is prepared to ignore economic and technical reality and pursue a flawed broadband model.

NBN Co's own Strategic Review published in November last year and commissioned by Minister Turnbull confirmed that an all-fibre model for the NBN could be fully completed by 2023, and would return a modest return on the government's investment in the project.

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NBN Rollout and Public Housing

Question No. SQON307
Senator Ludlam asked the Minister representing the Minister for Communications, upon notice, on

With reference to the NBN rollout and the Carlton public housing estate, where the residents' association has been informed that technical issues associated with multi-dwelling units on the estate have prevented the rollout of the NBN to the estate but not in the neighbouring area:

(1) Is the rollout continuing in multi-unit dwellings in areas where the build has commenced.

(2) Does the NBN rollout include public housing.

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