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Public must come first in review of NBN

The public interest must come first in the review of the NBN, the Greens said today.

Greens communications spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam said that telecommunications users, advocacy groups and industry must be consulted and the review of the NBN made open and accountable to the public.

"Malcolm Turnbull has purged the board and might seek to remake the NBN in his own image, but the NBN is public infrastructure paid for by the Australian people - and the public have a right to know what is happening and to make their voices heard.

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NBN: Connecting all Australians

The Australian Greens support the building of a Fibre to the Home National Broadband Network because we know the NBN will create enormous opportunities for Australia's future. The NBN needs to be public, transparent, fast and unfiltered.

Greens have worked to improve the NBN at every step of planning and legislation that preceded fibre roll out.

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Meetings on Data Retention with the AG

Question No. 26

Senator Ludlam asked the following question at the hearing on 29 May 2013:

Senator LUDLAM: ... I understand there were consultations occurring in an earlier iteration of the data retention policy around 2009. ...

Senator LUDLAM: That is fascinating. How many meetings were there? Mr Wilkins: I do not know.

Senator LUDLAM: Is that because these things did not have any formal standing as such?

Mr Wilkins: There were two, apparently.

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Cover-up: Government buries evidence of data retention plan

The Federal Government has refused to turn over any documents regarding its plans for a data retention scheme, rejecting in entirety a Freedom of Information request from Greens Senator Scott Ludlam.

Senator Ludlam requested "letters, emails, file notes, records of phone conversations or meetings, memos or reports about the drafting of legislation or regulations on data retention between the Attorney General's Department and the Office of Parliamentary Counsel". It was denied in full this afternoon.

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Government must abandon data retention

The Federal Government must unequivocally reject mandatory telecommunications data retention in the wake of the release of the National Security Inquiry report, the Australian Greens said today.

Greens communications spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam said the Report reinforced the overwhelming public opposition to the proposal to collect and store the telephone and email data of all Australians for two years.

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