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Hours after announcing plans to spy on every Australian’s online activities to “fight terrorism”, Tony Abbott is now saying it could also be used to fight general crime.

“Tony Abbott needs to level with ‘Team Australia’: does he want to spy on Australians to fight terrorism, general crime or both? It seems national security is being used as a cover to treat every online Australian as a suspect,” said acting Greens Leader, Adam Bandt MP.

“Without providing any detail to ‘Team Australia,’ Tony Abbott is already engaging in mission creep.

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Abbott must pressure US to stop providing arms to Gaza conflict: Bandt

Responding to reports that the US has just approved the immediate transfer of grenades and mortar rounds to the Israeli armed forces, Greens Acting Leader Adam Bandt says Tony Abbott should pressure the United States over its continued arming of the Israeli government during the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

"Australia cannot stand idly by while its ally arms one side of the conflict in Gaza," said Mr Bandt.

"Any further temporary ceasefire is threatened if the US simply uses the time to rearm the more powerful side of the conflict."

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What is a 'Fifth Generation Fighter' and does the JSF qualify as one?

Department of Defence

Budget Estimates Hearing – 2 & 3 June 2014

Question on Notice No. 26 - Joint Strike Fighter – 4th / 5th Generation Comparison

Senator Ludlam asked on 2 June 2014, Hansard page 112:


Senator LUDLAM: I do not expect you to have this information at the table, but could you take on notice for us—whoever feels most qualified to provide it—the various criteria by which jets are judged to be either fourth or fifth generation? In addition, can you tell us which of those criteria the JSF meets and which it does not?

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Lightening of Joint Strike Fighter not predicted to compromise it's protection from lightning

Department of Defence

Budget Estimates Hearing – 2 & 3 June 2014

Question on Notice No. 25 - Joint Strike Fighter – Lightning protection

Senator Ludlam asked on 2 June 2014, Hansard page 111:


Senator LUDLAM: Something that was available publicly was that the aircraft could not fly within 40 kilometres of an electrical storm, and we are proposing to base a substantial number of them in Darwin. Has that been solved.

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Mr Abbott and Mr Shorten must rule out third Iraq war – Greens Leader

Greens Leader Christine Milne has called on Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten to rule out sending Australian troops to Iraq for a third war.

"Unilateral military action is exactly how Iraq got into this mess in the first place," Greens Leader Christine Milne said.

"Australia under John Howard blindly followed George W Bush into a very bloody conflict that was based on a lie. Tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians and thousands of coalition forces were killed. Killings and conflict continues to this day.

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Abbott must apologise for D-Day political play

The Prime Minister should apologise for using D-Day to push his carbon tax bandwagon, says Australian Greens spokesperson for Veterans Affairs Senator Penny Wright.

"Prime Minister Abbott should be ashamed of himself for using D-Day," Senator Wright said.

"Those who fought for our country at D-Day, and every other conflict since, came from every corner of society. Their service should not be co-opted to push the Prime Minister's political bandwagons.

"War service should not be commercialised and it should not be politicised.

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