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Greens Announce Digital Rights Commissioner

With more and more Australians conducting more and more of their education, business, finance and social lives online, the Australian Greens have announced a plan for an independent human rights commissioner for digital rights, to advocate for the online safety, accessibility, privacy and security of all Australians, Greens communications spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam said today.

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Greens commit to keep community radio by restoring funding cuts

The Australian Greens will ensure funding for community digital radio, saving the sector from Malcolm Turnbull’s plan to axe funding and, ultimately, the community radio sector.

Greens MP Adam Bandt said the Greens have a long history of supporting the vital work of community broadcasting and that, without funding to support digital broadcasting, the entire sector risks being left behind.

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Greens welcome objectives of PM cyber-announcement

Australian Greens Co-Deputy Leader and Communications Spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam has welcomed the objectives and values outlined in Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's cyber-security announcement today.

"We agree with Prime Minister Turnbull that the internet is the most important tool for innovation in Australia, so we'll keep fighting his efforts to cripple the National Broadband Network," Senator Ludlam said.

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February 2016 Estimates QoN: Local content on Pay TV

Senator LUDLAM: It is a useful point. You can take this on notice. Let us leave sport aside for a sec, because there is a whole variety of other content we have only very briefly discussed, how much local Australian content does the pay TV or subscription TV industry produce annually?

Mr Meagher: Procure?

Senator LUDLAM: Produce.

Mr Meagher: It is hundreds of hours, and we can get that detail for you.

Mr Maiden: We will take it on notice.

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The Liberals Mandatory Data Retention Scheme supported by Labor

Senator Ludlam:

To move-

That the Senate-

(a) notes that:

(i) the expensive, intrusive and ultimately pointless mandatory telecommunications data retention scheme was introduced in the 2015-16 Budget at a cost to taxpayers of $153.8 million,

(ii) mandatory data retention forces Australian Internet service providers and telecommunications carriers to retain comprehensive records on their customers' Internet and telephone habits for a period of 2 years,

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Don’t Merge ABC & SBS: Greens

Any merger of the ABC and SBS would be in name only, it would more closely resemble a takeover of SBS and NITV by the ABC, the Australian Greens said today.

"What SBS and NITV are able to accomplish with comparatively tiny budgets is extraordinary, and the value of these services goes far beyond the purely economic," Australian Greens Communications Spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam said today.

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