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Janet on the report of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency

Janet Rice 4 Dec 2017
We're making some progress with regard to flexible working arrangements, but there's still considerable room for improvement when it comes to access to paid parental leave and recognition of the need to ensure that women and men can fulfil caring responsibilities. Our workplaces remain highly gender segregated, both in roles—where 74 per cent of the clerical and admin roles are filled by women; whereas only 12. 4 per cent of technicians and trades employees are women—and in the industries, where women make up 70 per cent of jobs in healthcare and social assistance organisations but only 12 per cent in construction organisations. Where we are making only extremely slow progress relates to where power lies in organisations. Only 16 per cent of CEOs are women. Overall, female managers are only 38 per cent of managers. And there's been very little change in the gender balance of boardrooms. Only 25 per cent of board members are women. As Libby Lyons, the director of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, said in h
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