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Your vote secures the biggest dental reform in Australia’s history!

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Richard Di Natale 29 Aug 2012

Dear friend,

I've got some huge news. Today, the Greens have ensured that millions of children will get Medicare funded dentistry and millions more adults will have better access to public dental care.

It's the biggest dental care reform in our history. And it couldn't have happened without you and your vote.

Just minutes ago, I announced the outcome of our negotiations with the Government: a Dental Health Reform package representing an almost $5 billion investment into the dental care of millions of Australians.

I've recorded my thanks here because your vote and support ensured that dental health was prioritised in this Parliament.

Watch the video and please share the good news with your friends.

Delivering public dental care for all Australians was a central part of our agreement to support Labor to form government. Our announcement today shows how power sharing governments can make a real difference to people's lives when parliamentarians work together constructively.

In this Dental Health Reform package, 3.5 million kids will be eligible for Medicare-funded dental care, $1.3 billion will be invested into the public dental health system and $225 million will go to rural and regional dental health services.

Watch my message in this video to learn more about the Dental Health Reform package here.

Today we have laid the foundations for Denticare by bringing more dental health services into Medicare. Thank you for voting Greens in 2010 and for throwing your support behind Denticare - this is your vote in action.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Di Natale

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