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Without green hydrogen and stronger 2030 targets, gov Energy Roadmap puts climate at risk

Media Release
Adam Bandt 21 Sep 2020

Leader of the Australian Greens, Adam Bandt MP, has warned that without meaningful short-term targets, a plan to phase out coal & gas and a focus on green hydrogen, the energy roadmap will be nothing better than an attempt to greenwash the Coalition's existing climate inaction.

"We’re driving towards a climate cliff and Angus Taylor is pressing the accelerator," Mr Bandt said.

"The roadmap must lift Australia’s 2030 ambition, otherwise we risk climate collapse. It’s what the world does in the next ten years that matters. If all we do is aim for net-zero by 2050 or later, it will be too late to stop runaway global heating.  

“The announcement must contain a plan to phase out coal and gas, otherwise we’re on a road to climate collapse.

"Pushing back climate action by decades will leave our kids dealing with a rapidly heating world and the burden of fixing it. Generations to come will wonder why we didn't reduce emissions in the critical decade. 'Gas industry profits' isn't a reasonable answer.

"Tomorrow's energy roadmap could use green hydrogen to help meet ambitious 2030 emissions reductions targets. Backing blue hydrogen shows the Liberals are more committed to supporting the methane mafia than keeping global heating to well below 2 degrees.

"Hydrogen forces the government to make a choice: green hydrogen, made using renewables, harnessing Australia's boundless clean energy reserves, and creating hundreds of thousands of green jobs; or blue hydrogen, to support their donors in the gas industry.

"If Angus Taylor opts to continue supporting blue hydrogen and methane, the Liberals are paying more attention to their fossil fuel donors than our potential hydrogen customers in Asia.

"Fuelling a hydrogen industry with coal, oil, and gas is like putting a diesel engine in a Tesla. No one's fooled. No matter how loudly you boast about your green transformation, you still have smoke pouring out your rear end.

"In the end, blue hydrogen is no more than energy storage for dirty fossil fuels. Green hydrogen is the future. Our export partners in Asia are already building industries around hydrogen and are calling for us to provide it."


Editors note:

'Green hydrogen' is produced using electric catalysis - made by splitting water into its constituent hydrogen and oxygen - an entirely clean process.

'Blue hydrogen' is produced using fossil fuels like gas, and creates climate pollution.

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