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West Aussies to defy the winter with warm Welcome

The Greens, Amnesty International, the Anglican Church, Refugee Rights Action Network and many others have joined together to host the Refugee Welcome Fiesta in Fremantle tomorrow.

The all-inclusive community event marks the end of World Refugee Week and also commemorates Welcome To Australia's national Walk Together.

Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam said "the dangerous trend of politicians exploiting refugees for political advantage is toxic for all immigrants, and indeed toxic for all Australians. We are gathering to take a stand for tolerance and humanity".

"People fleeing brutality and repression who come to Australia to seek a better life are welcome regardless of how they come. The artificial fusion of two unrelated issues - asylum seekers and border security - has distorted the national debate, promoting fear and prejudice when what we need is understanding and decency.

"The Labor-Liberal approach of attempting to frighten people away from Australia not only diminishes us as a nation - it does not work. If we are to stop desperate people risking their lives at sea, we need to support the United Nations Refugee Agency's work in finding people safe havens in a timely way - and we need to increase our own miniscule humanitarian intake. Currently Australia is 71st per capita in the world in terms of refugees hosted," said Senator Ludlam.

Featuring food, dance, music and more, the Refugee Welcome Fiesta begins on the Fremantle Esplanade at 11am. The Walk through Fremantle begins at 1pm and returns to the Esplanade at 1.20 - where the Fiesta will continue.

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