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Weak targets decision will hold back global climate action

The Rudd government has confirmed its position at the back of the global pack on climate change, announcing that it will submit its pre-existing 5-25% target range to the Copenhagen accord.

"Not content with creating a deadlock over emissions trading at home, Kevin Rudd and Penny Wong are now contributing to a global climate deadlock by refusing to lift their inadequate emissions reduction target," Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Senator Christine Milne said.

"The understanding at Copenhagen was that developed countries would put a specific number on the table this month. Once these numbers were added up, it would have become clear that we lag well behind the 2C goal and a global process of lifting the targets would have to begin.

"By refusing to even submit a specific target, let alone a higher target than their weak 5-25% which helped to create the deadlock in Copenhagen, the Rudd government is undermining that process and will continue to anger the developing world.

"As Professor Garnaut noted earlier this week, developing countries have already committed more than their fair share of climate action and are well within their rights to now demand the same from rich countries like Australia.

"The world desperately needs a circuit breaker - someone to put forward a higher target - to get the world moving towards the outcome we need.

"Kevin Rudd and Penny Wong have just confirmed that they do not have what it takes to provide leadership. They are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

"They will continue to hold back global progress with an upper limit on action of 25% cuts that is still far too low, let alone the woeful 5%.

"Clearly, Australians will have to look elsewhere for leadership on the climate crisis."

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