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Waters’ wishes for women on Wednesday

Media Release
Larissa Waters 2 Oct 2018

Scrap the tampon tax, increase funding for frontline domestic violence services and deliver 10 days’ paid DV leave, is Greens spokesperson for women, Senator Larissa Waters' wish list ahead of meetings tomorrow which could alter the future of Australian women, children and trans people.


  • the Council on Federal Financial Relations will decide the fate of the Tampon Tax in Melbourne;
  • the second day of the Council of Australian Governments national Summit on Reducing Violence Against Women and their Children will be held in Adelaide; and
  • a hearing for the Inquiry into the Government’s bill to provide five days unpaid family and domestic violence leave will be held in Canberra.

“Our federal and state and territory governments have the opportunity to agree to scrap the unfair tampon tax on Wednesday and I would urge them to do so,” Senator Waters said. “The Greens’ bill to end this discriminatory tax has already passed the Senate and if we can unite on this issue across the country we can get rid of it once and for all.”

“I’m also calling on the Federal Government to urgently commit more funding for frontline domestic violence services. This year’s budget allocated just $18.2m and despite key stakeholders shouting from the rooftops that it’s not enough, all the Government’s offered up since is five days unpaid DV leave.”

Ahead of tomorrow’s hearing into the FDV leave bill, which she will be attending, Senator Waters said it’s already clear five days unpaid leave falls well short of what women who’ve suffered DV really need.

“The vast majority of submissions made to the inquiry support the Greens’ long-standing proposal for 10 days’ paid FDV leave,” Senator Waters said.

“Unpaid leave is tokenistic, because it ignores the financial burden of legal or medical appointments, counselling or moving house – the practical things that have to be done when escaping DV.

“47 women have died due to violence this year already - the system is failing them and their children. Adequately funding frontline services and providing paid leave is the least that can be done to keep survivors safe.

“Finalising the Fourth Action Plan under the National Action Plan at the COAG Summit is of course important, but action plans only work if you properly fund the services that deliver them.”

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