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Vigilantes Firebomb Cars in Tas Forest Protest

Greens Leader Bob Brown says last night's firebombing of two cars parked by the Strathgordon Road in the Upper Florentine Valley is a return to the violent lawlessness of logging vigilantes two decades ago.

Senator Brown, who will visit the forest protest site tomorrow, says that the police have made no arrests following a sledgehammer attack on Tuesday which has drawn world attention. However, two peaceful forest defenders were immediately arrested and charged by police in the Weld Valley, south of the Upper Florentine, on Friday.

"This pro-logger vigilante attack held the people camped nearby in terror. Like the gelignite bombing of two cars in the East Picton forest in 1991, and the loggers' violent attack on protestors at Farmhouse Creek in 1986, no one has been arrested or charged," Senator Brown said.

These nasty episodes cut right across Tasmania's efforts to win a reputation as a restful, welcoming and beautiful place for visitors," Senator Brown said.

After 4000 people attended a Wilderness Society rally in the Styx Valley on 13 July 2004, the nearby $180,000 wildlife and tourist centre Something Wild was burnt to the ground. There have been no arrests.

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