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Use Australian steel for Australian infrastructure projects, say Greens

Greens Senator for South Australia Robert Simms says Australian governments need to commit to using steel made in Australia for major infrastructure projects, to support the Australian steel industry and save workers' jobs.

It was reported today that structural steel made overseas has been used in the construction of South Australia's new Royal Adelaide Hospital.

"Just last week the Greens urged the Government to investigate procurement options for Australian projects, as purchasing Whyalla's steel could help secure Arrium's future as a major employer in regional SA," said Senator Simms.

"To our disappointment, we now learn that the new Royal Adelaide Hospital has failed to support the Australian steel industry, which is so key to regional employment in South Australia, by using steel from overseas.

"Australian companies produce very high quality steel, so there's no need to be importing inferior product from other countries.

"The Greens urge state and federal governments to purchase Whyalla's steel for upcoming Australian projects."

Senator Simms was in Whyalla last week for the Senate Inquiry into the future of Australia's steel industry.


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