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Turnbull rules for rich - $6 b ripped out education, health; $12b tax breaks for business

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 4 May 2016

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s first budget that will drive increasing inequality with its tax breaks for the very wealthy is a reminder why this budget should be the last for this Liberal-National government, Greens NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon said. 

“This is a cruel budget that rips $6b out of education, health, welfare and the public sector while handing over $12b in tax cuts and tax breaks for companies and the very wealthy,” Senator Rhiannon said. 

“This budget is a huge setback for the people of NSW. 

“Prime Minister Turnbull shows his investment banker instincts have not left for him. Now he is using the nation’s budget to look after his wealthy clients.

“The federal government’s budget cut of $4b from schools and hospitals will play out to a $6 a week tax cut for the high income earners, who should be paying more tax not less. 

“The trickle down economic argument has been long discredited. Giving benefits to the rich do not flow to those less well off. The intent of this budget is to make the wealthy more comfortable and so buy votes. 

Greens Senate candidate Michael Osborne said “This budget is a lost opportunity for NSW and particularly the Hunter. Unfair tax breaks should have been removed and a transition plan put in place to shift energy delivery from dirty coal to clean renewables. 

“Prime Minister Turnbull has robbed the Hunter of jobs in the manufacturing sector that should be increasing our output of wind turbines, solar panels and new trains.

“The true intent of this budget is not the ‘jobs and growth’ mantra touted by the Prime Minister and Treasurer Scott Morrison. 

“The so-called internship program is an attempt to disguise work for dole.

“I am confident this budget will strengthen people’s resolve to vote out the Turnbull government and vote for the Greens,” Michael Osborne said.

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