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The Turnbull Government didn't consult its own advisory panel about drug testing plan: Greens

The Coalition Government has not consulted its own Drug and Alcohol Advisory Committee – The Australian National Advisory Council on Alcohol and Drugs (ANACAD) - about its latest plans to drug test income support recipients, it was revealed at estimates today. Leader of the Australian Greens Dr Richard Di Natale said It was clear that the Coalition didn't ask their own experts because they didn't want the truth: that this plan is cruel, wasteful and will make the problem worse.

"Every single independent expert consulted on the Government's ridiculous and cruel plan to drug test income support recipients has concluded that it was a bad idea that would make the problems of substance abuse and inequality worse, not better," Di Natale said.

"And now the Government has admitted that it hasn't even bothered to consult with ANACAD, its own expert advisory body on alcohol and drugs. 

"The fact that the Turnbull Government is still planning to introduce this legislation without its own experts' advice shows that they are more concerned with dog whistling to their right wing supporters about being 'tough on crime' than they are about addressing these serious issues."

"If the Government knows that its own experts won't support its plan, why should they expect anyone else to?"

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