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Turnbull disobeys Senate order over PFL tunnel docs

Media Release
Scott Ludlam 20 Apr 2016

Turnbull disobeys Senate order over PFL tunnel docs


The Abbott-Turnbull Government has continued to deny the Western Australian community the truth over the Perth Freight Link tunnel by disobeying a Senate order to table the business case analysis and correspondence between State and Federal Ministers and their departments.


Greens Senator for WA Scott Ludlam yesterday won Senate support for the Government to release the documents by 4pm EST today but has refused to obey the order.


“At every stage of this process, both the Barnett and Abbott-Turnbull governments have kept the community in the dark over who decided what on the Roe 8 part of the Perth Freight Link,” said Senator Ludlam.


“Now we see Mike Nahan saying Fremantle Port could continue at capacity for another ten years, which will turn Fremantle into a truck car park.


“The community deserves better, especially the people who are now worried that a tunnel will be built under their house.”


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NOTICE OF MOTION                                                                          18 April 2016    Supported on April 19                                                                                 

I give notice that on the next day of sitting I shall move that –


1.       The Senate notes:


a.       As Prime Minister Turnbull stated on 15 November 2010 when in Opposition it  would beggar belief that a government could be so reckless as to allow a massive investment to proceed without the publication of a business case, without the ongoing scrutiny of a parliamentary committee and, above all, without a rigorous cost-benefit analysis, and that any major infrastructure project must be subject to a rigorous cost benefit analysis and if it does not pass a rigorous cost benefit analysis it detracts from Australia’s wellbeing.


b.      Resolution of the Senate of 14 October 2015 proposed by Nationals Senator Canavan that noted the importance of significant funding proposals being accompanied by detailed business cases and subject to a full assessment process, including by Infrastructure Australia, if $100 million or more of Commonwealth funding is sought, to ensure value for taxpayers’ money;


c.       The announcement on April 12 by Prime Minister Turnbull of an additional $260 million for the Perth Freight Link, bringing the total federal contribution to $1.2 billion for a project with no business case; and


d.      The ongoing deterioration in Western Australia’s budget position, with the recent downgrading of Western Australia’s Triple A credit rating to AA2, the second credit downgrading in 18 months.


2.       There be laid on the table by no later than 4pm Wednesday 20 April 2016 by the Minister for Finance, the following  documents:


a.       All correspondence between any Minister and/or member of the federal bureaucracy  with any Minister and/or member of the state bureaucracy the decision to provide an additional $260 million funding for the Perth Freight Link tunnel and the related public announcement – including any requests or proposals for additional funding from either government, any costings, briefing notes, speaking points, designs, maps, availability and type of tunnelling infrastructure, and related documents; 


b.      Any correspondence between the Minister for Finance or any member of the Turnbull government and any member of the Western Australian government including the Premier, relating to expediting the federal funding of the Perth Freight Link project;


c.       The business case and cost benefit analysis for the Perth Freight Link Tunnel; and


d.      A list of every National Partnership Agreement for infrastructure projects that have received over $100 million in federal funding from the Abbott-Turnbull government without a published business case and cost-benefit analysis.





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