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Transparency key to ending corporate tax avoidance: Greens

Media Release
Richard Di Natale 17 Dec 2015

“Today is a great day in the campaign to end corporate tax avoidance,” said Senator Di Natale, Leader of the Australian Greens.

“Transparency is key to getting big corporations to pay their fair share. They might be able to afford the best tax lawyers to help them stay ahead of the parliament but they won’t be able to escape the court of public opinion.

“Today for the first time in Australia, 1500 foreign and public companies have had to disclose the tax they have paid or, in many cases, not paid. The richest 300 private Australian companies will also have to reveal their tax affairs in March of next year, thanks to a successful Greens amendment in the senate this month.

“It will now be up to these companies to justify their tax arrangements. And in other jurisdictions overseas this has been proven to be effective in changing their behaviour.

“This is the beginning of a long overdue public discussion. Much more needs to be done but today is a great first step.”

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