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TransCanada to sue US Government over Keystone decision putting global climate action at risk

Greens spokesperson for Trade, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson says the decision by TransCanada to sue the United States Government for $15 billion in damages using the Investor-State Dispute settlement provisions in NAFTA over the Keystone pipeline decision puts global climate action at risk and also serves as a warning for Australia to not ratify the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Senator Whish-Wilson says, “The chickens are coming home to roost with these ISDS provisions. A fossil fuel company who was refused planning permission is using a clause in a trade deal to undermine a decision made in the public interest.

“This will send chills down the spines of government’s around the world that are seeking to act on climate change. These Trojan horse clauses in trade deals are undermining democracy and undermining the world’s ability to seek a safe climate.

“Australia must not ratify the Trans-Pacific Partnership now. We cannot put our ability to enact climate policy at risk. We must ensure we can continue to be able to put the public interest first.

“Labor must state categorically now that they will not ratify the Trans-Pacific Partnership. We cannot allow fossil fuel companies to have a veto over our climate laws.

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