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Tony Abbott final nail in auto coffin: Bandt

Tony Abbott has killed the auto industry and jeopardised Australia's clean energy future, Greens Deputy Leader and industry spokesperson Adam Bandt MP said today.

Toyota has reportedly announced it will end the production of cars in Australia from 2017.

"Successive governments have failed to make auto manufacturing sustainable, but Tony Abbott was the final nail in the auto industry's coffin," said Mr Bandt.

"High-end manufacturing is key to Australia's continued prosperity and without adequate support from the government it cannot thrive and shift to a sustainable footing."

"Tony Abbott has no plan to secure sustainable jobs. The government needs to call an emergency roundtable to secure a future for auto-parts manufacturers in a clean economy."

"This decision reinforces again that the real future is in sustainable transport."

"The government needs to develop a long term plan and targets for electric vehicles."

"The Greens want more trains, buses and electric cars and we want them made in Australia."

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