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Time for serious questions about Shree Minerals Tarkine mine

Media Release
Christine Milne 10 Jun 2014

Shree Minerals has now confirmed its iron ore operation in the Tarkine has been suspended and the Australian Greens say it's clear Tasmania's future is not in mining.

"This cynical political experiment has failed. It's time to stop pretending that destroying the Tarkine will deliver any kind of prosperity to Tasmania," said Greens Leader and Tasmanian Senator Christine Milne.

"Who could forget the pre-election hype from then AWU president Paul Howes, federal minister Tony Burke and Premier Lara Giddings, trying to justify destruction of the Tarkine?

"Promised jobs and wealth have not been delivered and now that production has halted because of a fall in iron ore prices, Tasmanians deserve to know the truth about why this mining licence was issued in the first place.

"It looks increasingly clear that Labor hyped the ‘mining boom' in the Tarkine to try to hold Braddon seats in both federal and state elections, knowing that environmental destruction would take place.

"It's time they answered a few straight questions: What due diligence was done on this mining company to make sure it was economically viable before it was issued a licence? Why did the former Labor Government give Shree Minerals a royalty holiday if the mine was economically viable? What does the rehabilitation bond cover if this site is forced into a full shut-down? Will the Tarkine be left with a huge hole and surface rock dump as the price of Labor's electoral hype in Braddon?

"Mr Burke and Mr Howes ignored expert advice that called for the Tarkine to be heritage listed, in order to facilitate this sad joke of a mining boom.

"This Nelson Bay River iron ore mine only ever had a shelf-life of two years, and it looks as though it won't even make it to the half-way point.

"There are no real long term jobs with the fly by night, quick and dirty mining operations that are being proposed across the Tarkine Region.

"The best bet, for communities and the environment, is to protect this region as a national park and watch the benefits flow from branding, tourism and agriculture to surrounding areas," Senator Milne said.


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