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Time to go, Equinor

Greens Senator for South Australia Sarah Hanson-Young is calling on all South Australian MPs to add their names to a Bill to ban drilling in the Great Australian Bight following the knock-back of foreign oil giant Equinor’s plan to turn the Bight into an oilfield.


“The fight for the Bight is on. I am standing up for the countless South Australians who don’t want our Bight turned into an oilfield. It is time for all South Australian MPs to act. We need to work together to stand up for our state and stop Big Oil,” Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.


“Equinor and the offshore oil and gas regulator should heed the advice of South Australians, coastal communities, surfers and beach lovers who want our Bight protected. Equinor should use this setback to go the way of BP and Chevron and get out of the Bight.


“The Labor and Liberal parties, desperate to hold their seats in the dying days of the election campaign, need to show South Australians their promises on the Bight weren’t just a stunt. Next week, I’ll be introducing a Bill to ban drilling in the Bight. All South Australian MPs should stand up for our state and sign onto the Bill.


“South Australians voted to keep our beautiful beaches pristine. We don’t want to risk critical habitat of the internationally-recognised endangered Australian sea lion. We don’t want to see our southern right whale nursery turned into an oilfield.


“Chevron and Equinor have just walked away from drilling off the coast of New Zealand. Equinor must do the same here.


“The Greens are standing up for our tourism and fishing jobs, our unique marine life, beautiful beaches and all South Australians who voted to stop drilling in the Bight.”



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