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Time for amateurs is over: Greens respond to chaplains High Court decision

Media Release
Penny Wright 19 Jun 2014

The Australian Greens have challenged Prime Minister Tony Abbott to replace the invalidated chaplains program with professional mental health workers in schools.

Following the High Court's decision today, Australian Greens spokesperson for schools and mental health, Senator Penny Wright, said power to fund the chaplains program now sat with the Parliament.

"At a time when the government is ripping $30 billion out of schools - $250 million for chaplains was always a bad idea," Senator Wright said.

"The time for amateurs is over - there is a real crisis in youth mental health.

"When a high school student is more likely to die by suicide than in a car accident, what schools need are professional mental health workers.

"The Australian Greens call on the Coalition to bring to Parliament some legislation that will genuinely address the mental health crisis in our schools by funding professional mental health workers instead of chaplains."


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