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Thousands more to be condemned to Cashless Debit Card despite failure of Government to prove it works

Media Release
Rachel Siewert 24 Mar 2021

The Greens have strongly condemned the lifting of the temporary pause on new income support recipients going on to the Cashless Debit Card program, put in place in response to COVID-19. 
"The Government has spent billions pushing this punitive scheme, and millions on flawed evaluations trying to prove that the card works and to justify their punitive approach.

"They have been unable to provide ANY compelling evidence that the card has had a positive outcome or achieved any of its supposed aims. 
"From April 1, not only will millions be condemned to poverty, those in the so-called trial sites who are new to income support will be put on income management.

"Managing money is not the problem, it’s the $44 a day people are trying to survive on!
"The Government say they will implement a “staggered approach” to ensure income support recipients who are new to the Cashless Debit Card program can get the support they need during their transition.

"I’m frankly staggered they are even trying this on, this card makes life harder for people.
"While we are having a national conversation about violence against women, I am deeply concerned that this card may keep people in violent situations and the low rate of income supports severely limits the options for women and children leaving violent homes. 
"This Government is flogging a dead horse. Give it up. The card doesn’t work. This cruel social experiment needs to end."

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