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Terror threat response must be proportionate: Greens

Media Release
Penny Wright 10 Sep 2014

The Australian Greens have warned that the government's response to talk of an increased terror threat must be proportionate, amid concerns basic civil rights could be restricted.

 Australian Greens spokesperson for Legal Affairs Senator Wright said many terror measures being discussed by the government ran against expert counter-terrorism advice.

 “There is no question Australia needs to be vigilant against terrorism, but there must be ways to protect Australians from terrorism without overturning the fundamentals of our justice system,” Senator Wright said.

 “From what we know of the government’s proposed terror measures, long-established legal norms like the presumption of innocence will be trashed and Australians may be detained and possibly convicted simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

 “The government’s plan to extend ASIO detention and questioning powers goes against the expert advice of the Independent National Security Legislation Monitor (INSLM) who recommended the powers be abolished. 

 “The government must release their proposed legislation – for the sake of transparency and to allow for proper scrutiny.

 "Previous restrictions on civil liberties have not necessarily made us safer, and we do not want to see legitimate security concerns used to permanently erode human rights,” Senator Wright said.






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