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Tell Japan to stop wasting police time: Brown

Media Release
Bob Brown 6 Mar 2011

An official complaint should be sent to Japan over its misuse ofAustralian police resources following another raid on the Sea Shepherdships in Hobart today, Greens Leader Bob Brown said.

"This morning in Hobart we've seen the third consecutive AustralianFederal Police raid on Sea Shepherd vessels following Sea Shepherd'ssuccessful campaign against illegal whaling in the Southern Ocean.

"Leaked US embassy cables and Freedom of Information requests havedemonstrated that Australian officials are being constantly harassed bythe Japanese Government despite past investigations showing no legalbasis for the complaints.

"Enough is enough. The Australian government should lodge an officialcomplaint with Japan for wasting the time of our diplomats and policeand I have written to the Foreign Minister, Kevin Rudd, urging him to doso.

"Sea Shepherd has had its most successful campaign to date, with CaptainPaul Watson estimating that at least 800 whales were saved fromslaughter because improved capability of the Sea Shepherd vesselsallowed them to stay with the Japanese whaling fleet for the season.

"My congratulations go to the captains and crews of the Steve Irwin, BobBarker and Gojira," Senator Brown said.

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