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Surprise: Abbott's national internet filter

Media Release
Scott Ludlam 5 Sep 2013

On the eve of the election, the Coalition has unleashed a national internet filter more expansive in scope than the Rudd Government's defeated scheme.

"Tony Abbott has actually proposed that anyone who wants to access uncensored online content will have to put themselves on a watch list by opting out of the filter," said Greens Senator Scott Ludlam.

"This idea is co-mingled with a large volume of unpopular policy garbage that the presumptive Prime Minister is offloading in the 40-odd hours before the election. It is indicative of the kind of Government we can expect to be subjected to on September 8.

"The Greens worked with the online community to defeat the Rudd filter - now Abbott has given us a taste of the contempt with which he intends to treat the entire adult population of Australia.

"More than ever, we're going to need a strong Greens presence in the Senate to fight misconceived brain-snaps like this one," Senator Ludlam said.


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