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Support grows for Greens’ pokies circuit breaker

Media Release
Bob Brown 4 Nov 2011

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown today welcomed growing support for the Greens' $1 bet limit policy as an effective way to tackle problem gambling.

"The Greens' bet limit option is good policy and we welcome the growing political shift towards our option, catching up with public opinion," Senator Brown said in Canberra.

"Limiting poker machine bets to $1 and jackpots to $500 has drawn strong public support. It is simple, effective and much cheaper for clubs and casinos to implement.

"The industry is well-aware aware of the benefits of the policy and would be hard-pressed to justify a scare campaign. The NSW Gaming Industry Operations Group's own report as long ago as 2001, from the University of Sydney, found it is a good way to tackle problem gambling," Senator Brown said.


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